Enjoy Your Soy!

by John Frangulis on June 17, 2011

What are soy candles?

Soy wax is a new alternative to paraffin wax, made from soybeans, is renewable and cost effective. The soybean is one of the most versatile products used today. It has been a high protein source for millions of people for thousands of years. Soybean wax also seems to be the most promising natural wax available. Natural waxes, such as soy waxes, are gaining in popularity but natural waxes are not new. Beeswax and tallow were used in colonial times to produce candles. Beeswax is a great natural alternative to paraffin, but unfortunately, to get the same results as a soy-based candle, it is cost prohibitive to use 100% beeswax in candles. Soy is in lots of things like body & skin care products, hair products, crayons, paint removers, and cleaning products. When soy wax replaces common paraffin wax, an estimated 60 million pounds of soy beans will be required for annual candle production. Soy candles last three times longer than petroleum-based candles, have an incredible scent throw with virtually no black soot.

Are soy candles really "soot free"?

Now, you may have read or heard other candle manufacturers’ claim that their all natural wax candles are "Soot Free". This is a big misconception. No candle can be "soot free", but natural wax candles do have less soot. The only way a candle can be soot free is if the flame is completely blue (i.e.: propane torch), meaning there is 100% combustion. Unlike other soy candle manufacturers, we are not going to guarantee that our soybean wax is soot-free. To make a claim such as that would be misleading and no wax can make that claim. While soy wax its-self is all-natural and will not produce the thick black soot that you see on paraffin candles, it does produce soot - a lighter, white soot! Anytime you have a flame and combustion you may have soot, and anytime you add synthetics such as fragrance oils and dyes, you will have soot. Additionally, using too large of a wick or the incorrect wick can produce soot as well. Soot can be a "white soot" that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Soy wax will produce little black soot - you will not see that thick black ring on the jars, nor will it do the black soot damage to homes, but it may produce white soot. No other manufacturer will tell you that.

Are fragranced candles a health hazard?

Conscious Soy Candles are made from biodegradable vegetable wax with 100% cotton and paper wicks. Our high quality fragrance oils contain no heavy metals (such as lead) and are formulated just for us, with a base of vegetable oil, not liquid paraffin oil (like most fragrances commonly available). Soot is a health hazard, not our fragrances!! Additionally, all of our fragrances are created just for us, using natural essential oils, aroma-chemicals, and are balanced perfectly to both optimise our blends and to create a clean burn!

What are the differences between Conscious Soy candles and other companies "soy blend" candles?

Some candle company's consider their candles to be "soy candles" even though they are "blended" with paraffin wax. We urge you to thoroughly read the label, and ask if your candles are a "blend". Conscious Soy Candles are made from 100% all natural waxes, which are soy and vegetable waxes. Our soy candles are eco-friendly, hand-crafted and biodegradable. Custom crafted with top-grade fragrance and essential oils, we guarantee our soy candles to be the safest, most fragrant eco-candle you'll find!

Are soy candles really "all natural"?

Soy candles don’t put your health at risk. Soy candles do not release the toxins that paraffin candles emit. According to the state of California’s Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986), there are at least seven toxins in paraffin candle wax, including benzene, an affirmed carcinogen. (Paraffin is created as a by-product of diesel fuel refining!) Soy wax candles are crafted from soy beans. That part of your candle is absolutely all natural. Soy wax candles are not “all-natural” when you add dyes and fragrance oils. Once you add those two elements, your candle is no longer natural as they both contain chemicals. We do not add any colour to our soybean wax candles. However, Conscious Soy Candles are made with wax from 100% natural soybeans and contain NO UNNECESSARY CHEMICAL ADDITIVES such as UV light reflectors and chemical wax stabilizers! Our soybean wax contains no paraffin and therefore no petroleum by-products! Our fragrance and essential oils are non-diluted, full strength scents specifically formulated for use in soy candle wax! Also, to recycle the containers, just wash the glass or tin after discarding the used wick. The soybean wax just rinses off!

Do your wicks contain lead?

No. Conscious Soy Candles are crafted with 100% cotton and paper wicks.

Are your soy candles triple scented?

With any candle, the recommended fragrance usage is one ounce of fragrance oil or less per pound of wax. More is not always better and we know that "Triple Scented" is just a sales pitch used by some candle manufacturers. More scent or fragrance oil does not mean more aroma. Just like there are different grades of fuel, there are also different grades of fragrance oils. Some contain more "fragrance" and some contain more "fillers". The true secret to "scent throw", as it is called in the candle industry, is the burn quality. The scent is "thrown" from the wax pool that is created. Candle-making is an art and a science. A good candle manufacturer plans, designs, and tests their candles with their fragrances per each candle container and size to ensure good scent "throw" and candle performance. Each fragrance has different "throw" qualities, and just "triple scenting" does not mean more fragrance. In fact too much fragrance can cause the candle wick to mushroom, smoke when burned, and could even cause the candle itself to combust causing shooting flames centimetres above the candle. Conscious Soy Candles are all designed and tested to burn properly, creating a safe, clean, and aromatic candle.

Our thoughts

The fact is that Conscious Soy Candles are a cleaner burning, healthier alternative to other scented candles. They burn longer than paraffin by almost double in time, and burn cooler than paraffin, creating an out of this world fragrance experience! Our soy wax is also very creamy, opaque and soft.

We think you will be pleased with both the appearance and the performance of Conscious Soy candles.

We have spent an overwhelming amount of time testing each and every type of candle we offer, to ensure our candles offer you the best burn times, appearance, and Aroma Power!

We believe that in order to produce a quality candle, you must start out with high quality ingredients. Sometimes, you have to pay a little more for high quality.

We guarantee that you will find that our candles are well worth the money!

Soy wax has a lower melting point than regular paraffin wax and will release excess moisture it cannot hold. You can leave it or wipe it out with a paper towel. It does not affect the burn quality, and will generally not show up again after your first burn. This typically only shows up in the jar candles. For best performance, store your candles in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

Soy wax candles have a few unique characteristics to them that in no way effect the wonderful way they burn. As well as containing a lead-free wick, your Conscious Soy range candle will have a creamy, off-white colour to it. In keeping with our desire to create as natural a candle as possible, we have chosen not to add artificial colour to our wax. There are a few Essential Oils that are a bit darker and will add a pale yellow tint to that particular wax. You may notice some wet looking spots on your candle where the wax has adhered to the surface of the glass. They are caused by temperature variations and are simply due to the expansion and contraction of the wax. You will notice that they change as the candle is burned or when the room conditions change. They in no way affect the quality of the candle. Soy candles are very sensitive to temperature and light so be aware of the location when placing or storing your soy candle. Place your candle away from sunlight, fluorescent lighting and sources of heat. When traveling with your candles, be careful as extremes in temperatures will melt or freeze our great candles. We know that once you see how wonderful soy candles are you'll never want to go back to paraffin again.

Enjoy your soy!


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